Thursday, 2 May 2019

Tempat lawatan & makanan menarik di Batam

Assalamualaikum gais!

Tanpa membuang masa, terus ke point utama kita untuk post ini untuk bercerita tentang tempat lawatan & makanan menarik di Batam, Indonesia. Kami sekeluarga pergi ke Batam pada Chinese new year 2019 yang lalu selama 4 hari 3 malam. So bermula di Stulang Johor Bahru, kami menaiki Ferry ke Batam dan stop di Harbour Bay. The ferry ride dalam 2 jam untuk sampai ke Batam. Tips: better untuk beli ticket ferry ke Harbour Bay kerana kurang ramai dan lebih selesa, harga pun sama sahaja compared to berhenti di Batam Center. 

Dah sampai! We were at Batam!

Then we took taxi to go to our hotel. (Tips: Its better to take grab/Uber for cheaper and comfort)

We stayed at Radisson Golf & Country Club dan the hotel was amazing! totally recommend, especially for  family with young kids or toddlers. They have big pool for adults and kids overlooking golf area, kids area called jungle.., spa for us moms! TEHEE and restaurant. Kalau minat golf, boleh la main golf kat area hotel ni juga. 

welcome drink

the pool

the kids area

the spa

the restaurant

the room

So untuk the rest of our short stay, we went to:

1) Nagoya Hills
where you can shop, eat and also get a good haircut and massage :)

2) Piaiyu

this place is amazing! i totally recommend everyone to go to this restaurant. the food is good, environment is nyaman, view is great, and we get to feed and catch the fish! so plus point for kids.

3) Nongsa Point Marina & resort

So I google-ed this place and the driver got lost because this is a private area guys! but alhamdulillah, the pak guard let us in, and we get to see around this place, Titin kata tempat ni banyak org2 bule (mat saleh versi Indon).

4) Barelang
This place is like an iconic place for Batam, its like jambatan pulau pinang lah in Penang.hehe..the jambatan was small je but the view is great!

5) Rumah Rabit di pelangi

this place is recommended by my bibik, Titin. She actually google-ed mana2 tempat menarik kat Batam especially for kids, so we came to this place called rumah rabit. Ayden enjoy it, obviously an animal lover.

6) Pasar Jodoh

This place is basically like a heaven for Mak2..hehehe.. so my MIL requested to go to pasar untuk beli barang2 makanan Indonesia especially thier tempe and other stuff.

ade jugak jual telekung, sejadah, kain batik and pelekat, so yeah..heaven for Mak2! hehehee

Makanan Menarik:

1) Piayu Seafood

my verdict : 9/10 for view, activity and the food is delicious!

2) Golden Prawn Seafood

this is also recommended by everyone, but a lil bit on pricey side! but yeah, as long as the food is good, not complaining! heeee

3) Pempek

we loveee it!8/10! and my bibik said this is not really sedap lagi, puan, so yeah, next time I'm going to ask her buy me yang paling sedap! this pempek ni macam homemade fish ball, fish cake etc and with dipping sauce..sedap!

4) Sate Madura
not a fan, sorry. so my verdict : 5/10

5) Ayam Penyet

Ayam penyet like literally all day everyday! not complaining! hehee

6) Bebek Tepi Sawah

we went to this place because I miss Bali so much and I love Bebek! hehehe so the crispy duck is not the same as at Bali's but ok lah, i give 6/10.

7) Mie Ayam

my verdict : 7/10

8) Bakso Gunung

the meatball is hugeee gais!

7) Nasi Padang

8) kek pisang, kerepek and makanan lain

Sekian dari saya, semoga dapat bagi idea kat korang untuk jalan2 cari makan di Batam.


p/s: Pasni nak update our wonderful journey to New Zealand last spring. Stay tuned! =D